My name is Yvonne. I live in Chicago. I am opinionated. Every since I can remember, I’ve loved words. I’ve loved thinking and I’ve love writing about what I think. And, I have this habit of telling people what i think whether they ask me or not. In spite of this flaw, I’m always interested in both sides of a “story” because both contain grains of truth. Those grains are at the root of what I think, what I say, what I feel. But, just because I’m always interested in both sides does not mean I always know both sides or am able to see both sides.

The proverb, “there are two-sides to very story,” does not diminish the obligation to distinguish right from wrong nor does it lessen the need to hold ourselves and each other accountable. It simply means hearing both sides increases the quality of our understanding and our chances of coming to conclusions that at the very least, do not make things worse than they are. Just thinkin’ 22 is a place where I can tell my side of the story using facts, fiction, poetry, ideas, observations, helpful hints and whatever I need to spend my 2¢ wisely. But since my 2¢ is only one side of the story, I need you to spend your 2¢ here too. Then maybe, just maybe…

Welcome and thanks for stopping by Just Thinkin’22 and putting your 2¢ in.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Yvonne, I have my $.02, ready, set…you already gone. Let me take time and catch up. Anyways, I am finally connected. You know who I am, the one that can’t be still, the one that must go somewhere, anywhere…to explore and open my eyes even wider when they should be closed to process now – Life is definitely a fantastic voyage.

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